I have two female rabbits and recently the younger one has started getting very territorial and biting the older one.

Both have been spayed and got on well together before.

The best thing to do is to have a chat about this with your vet first of all to eliminate any medical problems, such as those that could cause pain which can make a rabbit feel aggressive. It's also important to remember that although behaviour is influenced by hormones, getting a rabbit neutered may not totally eliminate a particular way of acting. For example, if your rabbit is trying to 'be the boss' in the group, this can cause aggression. In addition, nesting behaviour may be linked to this type of behaviour. There are lots of tips about how to help rabbits get on together - your vet or nurse will be able to give you plenty of advice about this.

Eye upsetting

My dog is 14 and always been healthy, but he seems to have a problem with his eye. It looks like it's rolled up and I can see the muscle but only part of his iris. It's very upsetting although he doesn't seem to be in pain. What would you advise?

It could be that you are seeing your dog's third eyelid rather than your dog's eye rolling up. This eyelid can sometimes become prominent if there is something stuck in a dog's eye, an irritation or an infection. In addition, 'cherry eye' is where the third eyelid becomes swollen through no obvious reason. In older dogs this condition can sometimes be caused by a tumour, so it is important that you get your dog checked out by your vet.

Cat is sick

My young cat seems to be perfectly healthy, but she often brings her food back up after eating. Why is this?

IF you have a look at what your cat is bringing up that can often help decide what is causing this. For example, a very healthy cat can bring up hair quite regularly as a result of their grooming. This is quite normal. However, it can be caused by more serious problems like something stuck in the intestines or eating something that was contaminated. The best thing to do is to call your vet and discuss the condition with them. It's useful to keep a diary of when your cat is being sick.