IT'S a common expression which is said time and time again - "great dress, shame about the hair!" That's the abiding thought that goes through my head when flicking through old photographs.

And no wonder. At the end of the day I've always put far too much time aside for make-up and never enough for that all-important up-do, so it should come as no surprise that my pins fall out before the first course arrives, and by midnight my barnet can best be described as a frizzy mess.

I wouldn't try to whisk up a pavlova with no knowledge of baking, so why I think that I can rustle up a copy of something I've seen in Vogue by a top session stylist five minutes before I run out the door is beyond me.

But lo and behold a stress-free saviour has arrived just in time for the start of a season filled with summer weddings, fashion conscious festival-going and dress-to-impress garden parties, not to mention those damned days at the races. From now on I'm calling in the experts.

Battling with an unruly mane is soon destined to be distant memory as MB Hair's new BloBar is now up and running, promising a quick, easy and affordable service for girls going places and wanting to guarantee they'll look good when they get there.

BloBars have fast become a metropolitan must-have for time poor fashionistas, but until now Glasgow has been slightly challenged in the "Blow on the Go" department.

This summer, however, sees the concept come of age via renowned Glaswegian hairdresser Martin Brown and business partner Dara Changizi, who were both determined that a "no scissors" blow dry menu would only add value to their growing array of hairdressing services.

Located directly across from the Hard Rock Cafe in Buchanan Street, their luxurious new city centre salon is a welcome retreat from the busy streets below and in just 30 minutes - less time than it would take to sup a soy chai latte at Starbucks - you could be emerging with one of their signature hairstyles, depending on what sort of event you're off to.

The salon has retained many of the building's original features, incorporating a mix of industrial materials, natural stone and high end features - sleek, sophisticated surroundings in which to gather your thoughts before emerging coiffed and quite literally ready to go to the ball, safe in the knowledge your hairstyle will be the crowning glory of your look.

The biggest problem will be which stunning style to pick. Below is fabulous hair in under 30 minutes from just £20.