LIKE all 18-year-olds it's time to move out and T in the Park is no different (we're shaving off the two years in Hamilton for dramatic effect).

So, as they wave goodbye to Balado before moving to their stately new site at Strathallan Castle in Perthshire, you can but bid a fond farewell to all the misty memories of bouncing about Balado like a lunatic, the mud and assorted mayhem in glorious and exuberant style.

Let's face it, dressing for festivals has come a long way since T in the Park started.

We've cannily embraced Hunter wellies and learned to wear them with everything.

We've realised the hard way that our white Converse were never going to recover from the experience.

We know that yes you can get trench foot, pneumonia and sunburn in the one weekend, oh and that premium eyewear is bound to be misplaced, crushed to smithereens in the Slam Tent or left beside the ketchup at the burger van so Topshop sunnies only from the second experience onwards.

Festival dressing is an art form and even has its own icons, with Kate Moss and Sienna Millar responsible for unleashing fierce grungy glamour then Ibiza boho chic upon a nation, which boiled down means there are still a lot of scandalous denim shorts out there which are simultaneously high cut and low rise, exposing goose bumps a plenty.

And they are normally worn with Indian head dress, glittering stetsons and feather boas, all hangovers from a hen party no doubt.

The rise and rise of Lady Gaga has meant swimwear has increasingly been de rigueur if we've been having one of the rare sun bleached years when you can even get an all-over dust tan gratis criss-crossing the site.

Which is useful to have a bit of colour about you as the style this year is more inspired by Coachella then Glasto or Isle of Wight, which is, you've got to admit, mental.

Coachella is generously studded with stars and supermodels, all honey toned Whole Foods nurtured limbs and artful topknots, yes we're talking about you Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth.

What you've got to remember is that Coachella takes place in Palm Springs, on the edge of a desert, with super guaranteed sunshine.

Come the weekend expect a rose garden of floral headbands, fringed kimono floral cover-ups and the ultimate perversity, white denim.

It's a great festival look if you are in California but if the forecast takes a tricky turn I'd urge you to take a more downbeat but no less stylish note from super cool never-gets-it wrong festival muse Alexa Chung, spotted in trusty Barbour then cosy knits and super leopard print coat at Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago or the exquisite Daisy Lowe, working sexy Victoriana in vintage lace dress, big pants, biker boots, Aviator jacket and every fashionistas favourite accessory, Nick Grimshaw.

Whatever festival style tribe you belong to, have a blast and send your favourite festival off with an ever-stylish smile.