AS I write this column I am sitting in a hot room gazing longingly at a blue sky on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see my lawn needs cut, the weeds need sorted out and the decking needs stained.

So the question is: do I sort out the weekly garden chores or dig out a good book, chilled drink and a comfy chair?

I am sure I am not the only one with that particular quandary. Should you decide to look at the garden chores here are a few places to get started.

The weeds are loving the warm weather and can very easily take over if left untreated. A good weedkiller will sort this out, and you should look for one that has the word 'systemic' on the label.

This means that it is absorbed through the leaves of the weed and travels right through the plant down to the roots, killing it completely.

Often if you remove weeds by pulling them out or using a Dutch hoe, the weed will grow back if you do not remove it completely.

Be sure to use the correct weedkiller for the area you are treating. For instance, if you use a path weedkiller on your lawn you won't have a lawn for long!

The packaging on the product will give you full information, but if you are unsure ask for assistance from the shop staff. If they cannot help, go to a good garden centre!

When you are cutting the lawn it is tempting to cut it as short as possible in the hope that you don't need to cut it as often. I am afraid this does not work!

Cut your lawn little and often. This will produce a much healthier lawn and reduce your workload in the long term.

You can feed the lawn if it needs it. At this time of year you may find it more useful to use a liquid lawn food, like Miracle Gro Liquifeed.

This attaches to the end of your hose and you simply spray it on.

There are two benefits to this: one is that because the fertiliser is liquid it is absorbed very quickly and, therefore, gets to work much faster.

THE second benefit is that you are also watering your lawn at the same time.

One last thing. If you are out in the garden, working or playing, put on some sun block. If you are a bit thin on top a hat is also a good idea!

So my garden is calling me. To work or to rest? Perhaps a bit of both.