WITH Glasgow looking out its gladrags for the Commonwealth Games, today we go back to 1909, when Buchanan Street was bedecked with bunting for a Royal visit.

King Edward VII (the one the cigars are named after) was in the city on his way north, we assume to Balmoral, and the Glasgow crowds turned out to meet their monarch.

Hats and Sunday best suits were dusted off for the occasion although, to be honest, back in those days most Glasgwegians wouldn't leave the house without a 'titfer' or a bunnet.

Then, as now, Buchanan Street was a bit posh, and sold all the latest luxuries. Look to the right and you'll see a sign for Kodak cameras - the iPhones of their day. Who knows, if you rummage in your drawers at home, you might an early 'selfie' of your ancestors on the big day.