LIVING in the past isn't always a bad thing.Hundreds of revellers will do just that when the Vintage Glasgow Merchant City Festival starts next weekend.

I was given a sneak preview of some of the delights that the two-day event has to offer during a 60s make-over session with organisers The DollsHouse Creative Consultancy.

First, a selection of glittering gowns were laid out, and I was like a child in a sweet shop as I flitted between them all, picking out my favourite one.

I chose a glittery yellow shift dress, and tried to squeeze it over my head - but as it got nearer my shoulders, it just wouldn't budge.

I tried pulling it over my legs and had mild success, before realising it wouldn't fasten across my back.

That's often the problem with vintage clothing - it takes a long time to find something you like, and even longer to find something which fits.

But when you do, it's worth it

I tried another blue floral halter neck which fastened round the neck - almost.

Trying not to become disheartened, I spotted a patterned green frock and decided to give it a go. Although the pattern wasn't something I would usually pick, the neckline and feel of the fabric grabbed my attention.

I discovered later it was actually a 60s dress by designer Lanvin, whose garments often sell for more than £2000.

The dress was a bargain at £40 - another perk of shopping vintage, as you never know what gems you might find amongst the polyester nightdresses and dusty fur coats.

Dress chosen, I head to the make-up and hair station which had been set up in Merchant Square's Met restaurant.

Make-up artist Fiona Tarantino quickly starting wiping creams and lotions on my face before applying foundation.

"Should we work at the same time?" she said to her partner Casci Ritchie, who had been tasked with taming my hair.

"Yeah, I think that's probably better" she replied.

The duo are from prestigious styling firm Miss Dixiebelle, which specialises in vintage hair and make-up.

THEY have worked on blushing brides and glamorous models, but will be extending their skills to the Vintage crowds next weekend.

"I think we should do a beehive" said Casci. "Messy or sleek, what do you think? Fiona, what do you think?"

They look at the dress, and back at me, and back to the dress. Eventually I decide on a messier look, and Casci sets about my hair with curling tongs.

The duo are both from Lenzie, and are two of the 30-strong team who will be working during the festival.

Finger waves, beehives, new romance curls and high volume waves will be on offer for those lucky enough to get a spot in the salon.

Last year it was so successful it sold out before the event.

After two hours of back-combing, hairspraying, brushing and applying, the look is finally complete.

"It looks wonderful" organiser Catherine Murtagh beamed, as Fiona handed me a pocket-sized mirror.

"I'm supposed to be going to the cinema tonight but I'm afraid people won't be able to see over this," I said, glancing at my tall beehive.

"It's incredible."

I was amazed at what the girls had done - my hair was perfectly sculpted, and despite the make-up taking the longest time, it was subtle and stylish, not over the top.

Flicks of black eyeliner stood out over perfectly blended eyeshadow, and the lipstick, a combination of two colours, suited me to a tee.

Combined with the dress, everything looked fantastic and really got me in the mood for next weekend's festival.

Project Director Catherine Murtagh of The DollsHouse is the brain behind the extravaganza.

She approached fashion legends Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway and asked them to bring their taste for all things old to Glasgow for the first time last year.

"We're going to have the best vintage suppliers from throughout the UK in our market," she said.

Along with the Torch Club and Soul Casino, a host of new events will be happening including dance sessions with the proclaimed Fly Right Dance Company and a Commonwealth Games inspired record playing session.

To buy tickets for any of the festival's events, including the Soul Casino, Torch Club or hair and make-up salon, on July 26-27, visit