ABERDEEN-born Sandy Leckie was one of Scotland's greatest ever swordsmen.

A four-times Commonwealth medal winner - two golds and two silvers from three successive Games - he was fiendish with the foil, super with the sabre and epic with the epee.

At the Edinburgh Games in 1970 - the last to feature fencing - Sandy not only carried the Scotland flag into the stadium at the opening ceremony, he also carried off the gold medal in the sabre category.

Back then, for Sandy at least, the Games weren't all glory. In order to compete, he had to cash in his life savings, buy his own team blazer and get his mum to sew on his Team Scotland badge.

Sandy, now 76, was back in action at the 86 Games, running beside Alan Wells as the Baton arrived back in Edinburgh. He was also a Baton Bearer this year.