IT WASN'T only the Clyde coast which experienced a Glasgow invasion during the Fair holiday, hardier and more adventurous souls headed for the chilly waters of the North Sea and the resorts of the North East.

These folk, queuing up at Queen Street Station in 1949, were headed for Dundee and Aberdeen, with the train no doubt stopping at Carnoustie, Arbroath, Montrose, Inverbervie, Stonehaven and Portlethen.

Many of the towns boasted early holiday parks and seawater swimming pools.

The Stonehaven Pool, in particular, is an Art Deco dream of candy coloured concrete and heated sea water.

Unlike the 'softies' on the Costa del Clyde, who could bathe in waters fed by the Gulf Stream, you had to be brave to dip more than a toe in the freezing North Sea.