I don't class myself as a heavy drinker - I see myself as a social drinker during the week and then I have a big night out at the weekend.

I wonder if this type of drinking is detrimental to my health?

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol will not do you any physical or psychological harm.

However, for some people, social drinking can lead to heavier drinking, which can cause serious health problems.

Binge drinking can put your health at as much risk as other types of excessive drinking. There is evidence it can lead to long-term health harm as well as the risks you can put yourself in at the time due to behavioural changes.

There is a drinking questionnaire available on the NHS 24 website at www.nhs24.com in the alcohol zone which will help you look at how much you drink and any issues around this.

The website also provides information how to get help to reduce your drinking, as well as the services available to stop altogether.