EVER wondered how the city's horse drawn traffic was kept on the move?

Just as today's car filled Glasgow has tyre and exhaust centres, back in the days of drays and wagons, the city echoed to the sound of farriers' hammers.

Guild's Court, sometimes known as Gill's Court, was still hiring carts, stabling horses and offering a smithying service in the 1950s. Situated at 1052 Gallowgate, in what used to be called Camlachie, this was the place you went if you wanted to up your horsepower.

In those days, it wasn't a Kwik-Fit fitter you needed, but a horseshoe fitter.

Although the echo of hooves has long since faded into history, the inlet where the stables operated still exists, although it now provides the goods entrance to the Cardownan Creamery.