THE Moll may be small…but that little lady always manages to clear her plate.

And I knew she was ready for a huge slap-up meal after a day away from the mean streets.

Toots had worked up an appetite while maxing out my credit card on the sales across in the capital.

She’d dressed for the occasion in a mini dress and heels as high as New York skyscrapers.

Lo n behold, she’d managed to find a ton of new goodies to add to that wardrobe of hers.

Toots tottered over to meet me as I parked up the Buick.

She looked me up and down. “You’re not wearing that are you, ‘Tec?”

Granted, I wasn’t looking my sharpest. I’d been on overtime that week and when Saturday arrived I didn’t even reach for my razor.

“You look good enough for the both of us,” I smirked back at her.

“Slob,” she replied – but her flashy smile suggested she loved my compliment.

It was early doors but we were both ready to be wined and dined.

I’d already booked a table at a fairly new joint I’d heard good things on the grapevine about.

We rocked up to the Riverhill in West Nile Street just after 6pm.

On first impressions it looked small. Maybe too small? No, just cosy, I decided.

“This is intimate,” growled The Moll.

We were quickly attended to even though there were already plenty of punters.

I scanned the scran and licked my lips.

The menu has an exotic feel, with plenty of curry and spices.

We ordered a bottle of house white wine but the cocktails were tempting.

“Maybe later,” I winked at Toots.

The bar man came over with a jug of water.

It was a nice touch and not just because it was a balmy evening.

The starter dishes looked delicious – there was octopus, scallops and herring - but we decided to share some snacks before our main meal.

The prawn toast with mayonnaise, sesame seeds, coriander and mint was our first choice.

We also shared the coconut roti and potato naan.

Both dishes were under £5 so it was easy on my wallet.

The presentation wouldn’t have been out of place on a top notch cookery show. Top marks, chef.

And the taste did not disappoint. The prawn toast was better than any Chinese takeaway and it was light enough to keep us ready for our main course.

The bread came with a sour ginger chutney with cucumber, peanut and pomegranate yoghurt.

It was an inspired combination – who knew I’d love pomegranates so much? Toots found it hilarious.

“You’re eating a superfood, ‘Tec,” she joked as I hoovered up the rest of the dip.

We scoured the restaurant. There was a good mix of people.It seemed relaxed and classy.

For the main course I’d picked the beef rendang.

It was right up my street. The meat was so tender it dissolved in my mouth. It came with shallots, pickle, boiled egg and lime leaf rice.

The Moll joked she wouldn’t kiss me after.

My other half had gone for a dish she couldn’t even pronounce. But she said the crowdie cheese and chanterelle pierogies – a dumpling style dish - was out of this world.

It came with sour cream and sautéed mushrooms - it sure looked a treat.

We took a while to finish our meal.

“Voila,” Toots announced at the end. She looked ready for a nap.

We had to pass up on desert although staff had recommended the camomile panna cotta with bee pollen, £5.

We glugged on the wine and reflected on our full bellies.

“That was top class,” said The Moll.

“You should have shaved for this.” She was right.

Riverhill Restaurant, 3 West Nile Street, Glasgow, G1 2PR, 0141 248 3495

STARTERS: Coconut roti, potato naan, hot and sour ginger chutney and cucumber, peanut, pomegranite yoghurt, £4

Prawn toasts, yuzu mayo, sesame seeds, coriander and mint, £4.50


Beef rendang, crispy shallots, Malay pickle, boiled egg and lime leaf rice, £13

Riverhill crowdie cheese and chanterelle pierogies, sauteed summer mushrooms, sour cream and soft herb, £11


Bottle of South African wine Prime Cuts, £19

FOOD 4/4