TOOTS had been poring over travel brochures in a bid to beat the winter storms.

Two weeks in Benidorm would do me, but her ladyship likes to push the boat out a little and discover finer shores.

“How about Spain’s Galician coastline,” piped up Blondie.

I was still trying to recover from my Boxing Day hangover, and now my head was thumping with the tap tap tap of Toots talons as she demanded an answer.

“Wherever you like me dear, but if you are looking for a taste of Spain I’ll book us a table at the city’s latest most-talked about joint.”

Moments later Toots was transformed and we sped off from Tec Towers in the Buik towards the Spanish Butcher in Miller Street.

It is the latest joint brought to you by James and Louise Rusk of Hutchesons and the Butchershop Bar and Grill fame.

Their third venue has recently opened in what is fast become restaurant lane on Miller Street.

“I love trying somewhere new, Tec, and this looks like right up my street,” cried The Moll.

Approaching the place, it looks a pretty swanky joint. We swept in past a luxurious velvet curtain to find the place jumping with diners.

We were greeted with a warm welcome and seated very quickly. I like that - no messing about. Staff seemed friendly and on the ball.

The restaurant has a modern, stylish charm to it, and word seemed to have got out as there was hardly a table left in sight.

Our lovely server was well informed about the menu, well she was from Madrid, and helped us make up her mind about a few things on the menu.

This really is a meat lovers idea of heaven with the menu boasting the finest grades of Galician beef, premium Iberican Jamon and the freshest of seafood, all inspired with Mediterranean flavours.

For me there was no doubt about what I would be choosing. The steaks being brought out of the kitchen smelled delicious.

We ordered up the house white, Spanish ofcourse, which went down very well.

Toots was having a hard time deciding - although I don’t know why as she always plumps for the fish.

Our server hovered a few times, while Toots made up her mind.

Finally we were ready.

“One of your finest fillet steaks please, well done,” I asked. She was certainly more polite than other establishments who I think have been tempted to throw me out when they hear the words well done.

I didn’t want sauce or the fancy truffle oil on my chips. Toots, you guessed it, went for the hake which came with cauliflower croquette, girolles, broad beans, ham, and peas.

We sat back and relaxed while waiting for our mains.

There was a swift turn around of diners in and out and staff were certainly attentive wandering around tables to ensure diners were happy.

At least it shows they are looking for feedback on such a new addition to the city restaurant scene. My steak arrived and I nearly fell off my chair. I haven’t seen such a beauty in a long time. It looked perfect in every way. Time for the taste test. I sunk my knife into it and glided through like butter.

Cooked to perfection, no mean feat when asked for well done, it was a little taste of heaven. The chargrilled rich flavour combined with quality beef, this was a winner. Their fluffy fries were delicious. I really couldn’t have asked for more.

The Moll’s fish looked a fair sized portion and came served in a bowl with a cauliflower croquette, mushrooms, ham and peas.

She tucked into it, but was eyeing up mine so ended up with a kind of surf and turf.

There is really not much I could fault this place on, if anything it was that the experience was over far too quickly. If this a taste to go by, maybe a trip to Galicia isn’t a bad idea.


Galecian Sourdough Bread

with EVOO and px vinegar (v) £3.50


Galician Blond Fillet 230g/8oz,

Manchego truffle fries £28

Pan Seared Hake, (cauliflower croquette, girolles, broad beans, jamon, peas) £17


Monte Clavijo Rioja Blanco £12.95

Total £61.45