I'VE used face washes sporadically over the years but have generally found they leave my dry skin tight and uncomfortable.

So, my (quite lazy) skincare routine consists of wipes to remove my make-up at night and a splash of water in the morning. It works for me as long as I don't scrimp on moisturisers and oils with the odd scrub thrown in. Less is sometimes more with skincare, particulary if you verge on the sensitive side.

However, I'm a big fan of Elemis products and have never suffered any adverse effects so I'm keen to try their facial wash, aimed at dry and sensitive complexions.

The product blurb says it will remove pollutants and impurities including all traces of make-up, if used at night, while keeping the skins natural oils intact.

It combines extracts such as Fig, which soothes skin throughout the cleansing process and Pracaxi oil, extracted from a tree native to the Amazon, which works to soften skin, but also helps maintain its delicate balance.

It's a foaming wash, which is normally is a no-no for my skin but I'm pleasantly surprised by the effects. My skin feels smooth and soft without a hint of dryness and best of all, it doesn't add any more time to my morning shower routine.

Elemis, Advanced Skincare, Gentle Foaming Facial Wash, £28. www.elemis.co.uk