I’ve tried a fair few highlighters in my time but I’m yet to find one I reeeeally like.

It’s a struggle to find a highlighter that creates glowy looking skin while not making it look like you’ve just put a big streak of glitter across your cheeks.

I have the added issue of being extremely pale. When I’ve got fake tan on, highlighter just seems to go on so much better but who has time to tan every day of the week?

Benefit have created a new product which combines a highlighter with their signature dandelion blush.

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The powder is superfine and light which is great for an everyday look.

Because it's got a hint of blush in it, it's great for my pale skin, doesn’t stand out too much and creates a natural, healthy looking glow.

As well as a strobing across my cheekbones, it blends in well on my cupids bow and the bridge of my nose.

The name ‘twinkle powder highlighter’ is pretty spot on. It doesn’t create a jaw-dropping glow but does give your face an added sparkle.

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter is RRP £24.50 and is available online.