Who are you?

Sandra Hill and Gayle Adnyana. Co-founders of Baile Estate Agents

What does your business do?

In its name estate agency, but we do much more than that. We become part of a customer’s moving experience, and take over the strain to support customers from beginning to end. A key differentiator is we are licensed members of the National Association of Estate Agents, this isn’t compulsory, so shows the commitment we have to being a sustainable, open and transparent business.

Where are you based?

2/4 Auchingramont Road, Hamilton ML3 6HW

How did you get started?

We started the concept of the business around 17 years ago when we worked together for a banking group. Following lots of life changes, we decided at the grand old age of 40 that we could do this and do it better, more transparently and with customer focussed than others out there. We found out everything there is to know, sat professional qualifications and worked with some of the best website companies, HMRC and local solicitors and firms to get up and running. We called the business Baile as it means home/dwelling in Scots Gaelic.

We have also completed a short course with the NSPCC around working with vulnerable adults. Sandra’s father had dementia so it was important to us to make sure we can help any customers’ needs.

What is your background?

We met 18 years ago in East Kilbride and became colleagues and friends. Throughout that time, we have shared so many experiences, and set up Baile because we care about people and we love homes. Our aim is to use all of our skills, knowledge and qualifications to bring positive change to the estate agency network. Life offers many different experiences and both us have been through all aspects of moving home, from first time buyers, buy to let, moving following divorce, moving as a family grows. We want to pass this on to our customers.

What is your top tip? Always communicate with each other and your customers.

How long has your business been running? Eight months.

Has anyone helped you get started and how? Financially we have both invested into the business, but Scottish Microfinance Funding from DSL Business Finance Ltd has helped hugely. Without them we would not be where we are today.

We lean on each other a lot too and that’s what makes the difference. The relationship we have means we can call each other at 3 am and talk things through and bounce ideas off each other!

What was your biggest mistake/or what would you do differently? Always check contracts – some have not been all they make out to be. That’s why we want to be transparent in what we do.

Who is your inspiration?

Sandra: For me its JK Rowling. Single parent who believed in herself and now has made a difference to millions of children and adults. As a single parent of two very small children this work means a lot to me; and it means a lot to help people as they transition.

Gayle - As someone who is about to become a mum for the fourth time, I admire the hardworking mums and dads out there that try to make a difference day in and day out - a lot of which starts in the home.

Where do you plan your business to be in five years’ time? In five years time, we are aiming to have a base in Edinburgh and one in Perth. We like to keep things lean as this means we can pass these savings onto customers and that’s why we charge one flat fee. We hope to continue supporting our local community; we’re currently working with Erskine home for elderly and East Kilbride hospice as well as Hamilton Accies.

Contact Details (your contact details in case someone wants to reach you) (must answer)

Sandra hill 07500 830 236

Gayle Adnyana 07901334908

Office 01698 652727