It’s a tough world out there for lipsticks.

With so much selection and so many brands, it’s a feat to do something that’s going to catch a shoppers attention all the way to the checkout.

I'm always interested in trying something new so jumped at the chance to try Soap and Glory’s Peach Pout which has been described as a lipstick “that thinks it’s a balm."

After trying the product, I can confirm that it manages to be neither.

I tried one of three colours, ‘peach ball’ which goes on as bright as a pink pen highlighter.

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The colour appears slightly transparent due to its balmy texture - unlike the matte lippy I have come to know and love. 

Although my lips were left feeling moisturised, the end product is not one that could be worn outside the house without topping up with something else unfortunately. I can't imagine the colour would last any significant period of time due to the texture. 

One redeeming factor is the scent of the lipstick which is lovely. Although the end result is quite disappointing, I still have faith in the trusty Soap and Glory brand.

Verdict - one star.

RRP £9

Soap and Glory's Peach Pout is available here.