SMILE - you're in Glasgow, Britain's friendliest city. That, at least, is the finding of thousands of foreign tourists, who give a high rating to the welcome they receive here.

Glasgow has for decades fought to shrug off the old damaging stereotypes. Once a city of slums, razor gangs and multiple deprivation, despite its ongoing problems Glasgow has reinvented itself as a stylish short break destination for travellers from around the world.

Indeed, foreign tourists say that the "friendly people" of Glasgow made more of an impression on them than the city's numerous shopping and cultural attractions.

The survey, carried out by marketing research group LJ Research, quizzed over 3000 tourists.

The 2007 Glasgow Visitor Survey showed that almost a quarter of them adored the bonhomie of ordinary Glaswegians.

Research expert Lynn Jones summed it up when she said: "The results of this study are a huge pat on the back to the people of Glasgow.

"Their friendly attitude is encouraging visitors to make the most of their time here."

The natives' friendliness is combined with such venues as the recently refurbished Kelvingrove Art Gallery - the biggest free attraction for UK-based holidaymakers - to make an unbeatable package.

The news bodes well in the run up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and demonstrates beyond argument that the people of Glasgow certainly know how to play host.

But, whether you're a resident of Glasgow or somewhere further afield, what do you think?

Is Glasgow genuinely the friendliest city in Britain, or do you think the place still has some way to go before meriting such a coveted description? Do you think city offers a friendly welcome to tourists and visitors? LAURA McALLISTER, 17, student, Kirkintilloch: Whenever you're at a bus stop people always talk to you and whenever you need help people in Glasgow are very helpful. ELIZABETH JOHNSTONE, retired, Thornliebank: Everybody's friendly. Whenever any body talks to you they're always polite. CHRIS PROVAN, 19, student, East Kilbride: Glasgow's still a bit rough. You still see a fight every day. JACQUELINE WILLIAMSON, 37, full-time mum, Kirkintilloch: No I don't think Glasgow's the friendliest of cities. JON THOMSON, 40, artist, Whiteinch: I've not been to that many cities in the UK but out of all of the ones I have visited, Glasgow is definitely the friendliest. CHARLOTTE McALLISTER, 19, student, Dennistoun: Glasgow's a very friendly city. Everybody has really good banter. GEORGE WILLIAMSON, 40, IT support, Kirkintilloch: Glasgow's not the friendliest city in Britain. I'm originally from Edinburgh and the first weekend I moved here six people were killed. WILLIAM GRAHAM, 75, retired, Cumbernauld: Yes, Glasgow's the friendliest city in Britain. Most people who think Glasgow's not safe don't ever actually come in to the city.