COMMERCIAL FEATURE: Volcanic ash clouds, union strikes and economic instability have all conspired against the British public in previous years in a bid to stop us from enjoying a well-earned break.

It’s hard to get away in the summer these days and other popular holiday periods such as Easter have suffered even more at the hands of usual culprits. But with Easter coming up and spring flowers sprouting, why don’t you consider getting away from it all? It’s cheaper than summer and if you want to avoid any problems, a driving holiday could well be the answer.

With a driving holiday, the journey to and from your destination is part of the adventure! No cruises with a safety record akin to that of the Titanic, no airport security checks and departure lounges – just you and the open road. Here are three of the best destinations.

Hop on the ferry from Plymouth to Santander and enjoy some of the most beautiful coastal roads in Europe. Santander is an often-overlooked part of Spain but if you do some exploring you’ll discover plenty to keep you occupied. Don’t miss the medieval cathedral and enjoy some wonderful seafood in one of the many beachside restaurants.

You can get out of your saloon car to stretch your legs with a hike among Spain’s mountainous regions or hire a bike to see more of the area, but be warned, you’ll need your gears! Take the winding road to what is described as “the nicest village in Spain”, Santillana del Mar, but leave your car on the outskirts as you’ll want to discover this ancient place on foot.


As soon as you drive off the ferry at Calais, you’re greeted with a host of things to do, from following the coastal roads with the wind in your hair to exploring the picturesque towns and villages of northern France.

For those who enjoy the finer things in life take a trip to local galleries, go on a tasting tour of the country’s famous vineyards and finish the day off with dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant.


The chocolate, the football and the beaches are three brilliant reasons to set off on four wheels for Belgium. Kids will love the coast and sports fans can catch a football match in Antwerp. Of course no trip to Belgium would be complete without sampling some of the famous chocolates – just don’t eat too much before getting in the car!

Whether you want to hire one of the many environmentally-friendly eco cars available, from the likes of Honda, or all pile in your family car, a driving holiday offers something for everyone, at a fraction of the cost, so hit the open road, wind down the windows and get away this Easter.