STUDENT sports hopefuls got the ball rolling for the 10th annual Freshers' Sports Day.

Participants from Glasgow's three universities will this year be joined by teams from the new City of Glasgow College.

It is the first freshers' competition to be sponsored by Glasgow Taxis, which six months ago announced a three-year deal for the contest's sister event, The Glasgow Taxis Cup.

More than 300 first-year students will compete in a variety of sports including football, hockey and basketball.

And each institution is hoping to be crowned overall city champions as they go head-to-head across five venues throughout the city.

Iain M Stewart, sports development co-ordinator at Strathclyde University, said: "Not only is this a chance for teams to enjoy a bit of good old-fashioned rivalry but, more importantly, it is an opportunity for freshers' to get involved with sporting associations as they enrol.

"The competition is fierce, but this contest cements students' relationships with their sports departments, as well as fostering lasting friendships."

Stephen Flynn, vice chairman of Glasgow Taxis, added: "It's great to be involved with an event for new students in the city.

"It builds upon our work to engage with first-years in the places of education, sharing the message of safety in and around Glasgow.

"We wish every competitor the best of luck."