COMMERCIAL FEATURE:  Online gaming site Jackpotjoy is known for its fun and creative approach to marketing. It's no surprise then that the brilliant new commercial just launched on TV by the online games company is such a treat for viewers.

In the advert, Jackpotjoy introduces us to fantastic characters who we will have a hard time forgetting – including a couple of adventurous pensioners who have a go at racing on mobility scooters.

Also featured is ‘Queen of Bingo’, former Eastenders actress Barbara Windsor, who implores people to quit being so serious and instead have a bit of fun at their own expense. Dressed in her bingo queen regalia, she acts as race marshal to the pensioners who race their mobility scooters around a Formula 1 track.

A catchy slogan – Just for the Jackpotjoy of it! – which is a play on the well-known expression just for the fun of it, accompanies Windsor throughout the campaign, which will release further ads over the autumn.

For now, Jackpotjoy members are being dared to pull off a nutty exploit, by themselves or with friends, and post about it on a dedicated Facebook page and tweet about it on Twitter. The campaign will see thousands of bingo enthusiasts battling each other to see who engages in the most map-cap stunt.

If you act quickly there’s a chance to win a prize, as Jackpotjoy is offering £1,000 to the top 20 silly snaps posted by customers on its site. Get your photos in before the competition closes on September 20th.

The games group wants people from across Britain to come up with creative ways of being silly. Locals in Glasgow might consider visiting Glasgow Science Centre dressed as Charles Darwin or cruise down Buchanan Street on your own mobility scooter if you have one! 

So what are you waiting for? What’s your idea for a stunt you can make people laugh at? Watch the Jackpotjoy website in the days and weeks to come for some hilarious examples of exploits being carried out by people around the country.

Online bingo is an inexpensive way to bring a little drama and excitement into your life. You don’t need to deposit a fortune to get started – most sites allow you to play with a deposit of just £10. To mark its campaign, Jackpotjoy is offering new customers a sign-up bonus: deposit just £10 and you’ll get £30 to play with.

Cards for a single bingo game cost just pennies but players have the chance to win big – Jackpotjoy pays out almost £4m in prizes every day.