A SCHOOL blazer made from plastic bottles is being launched by a firm based near Glasgow.

The eco-friendly uniform has been created by Academy Uniforms MPC Limited, which has teamed up with a manufacturer for the "Eco Blazer".

Its outer fabric is made from 16 plastic bottles and the firm claims the manufact-uring process prevents millions of tonnes of plastic waste being buried in the earth.

It also says the blazer cuts C02 emissions and requires 84% less energy to produce than traditional ones.

The company, based in East Kilbride, will unveil the Eco-Blazer at the School Leaders Scotland Conference in St Andrews on Thurs-day and Friday.

Director Alan Hiddle-ston has worked with schools since setting up the firm 12 years ago with his wife Alison.

He said: "Pupils are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment.

"We currently supply uniforms to around 300 schools across Scotland, and most are aiming to be Green Flag schools.

"The Eco-Blazer is a better product, a better environmental solution and costs no more than regular apparel. It is also durable and machine washable, so I guess the main question is: Why would anyone purchase a polyester blazer when there is an eco-blazer available at the same price?"

As well as supplying school uniforms it also supplies bespoke workwear for firms, football clubs, univer-sities and colleges.

Alan said: "Demand for The Eco-Blazer is really going to take off, and thanks to our trained machinists and quality finishers, who can provide embroidery, blazer braiding and bespoke manufacturing under one roof, we are more than ready for the rush."

The company was established in Castle-milk, Glasgow in 2000.

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