THIS 22ft crater could be in the running for Glasgow's biggest pothole.

The scarred road in Bath Street is just one of many plaguing drivers in the city centre. The pothole in Bath Street, between Pitt Street and Douglas Street, is nearly 3ft wide and taking up more than half of the bus lane and carriageway.

Traffic is being forced to thunder over the huge crater or make a big swerve to avoid the broken road surface.

Our pictures show exposed cobbles, which present a major hazard to vehicles – and a potentially lethal threat to motorcyclists.

The huge number of vehicles that use Bath Street does not help, with buses contributing to the wear and tear.

It is understood utility works have been carried out in the area in recent months but it is not known what has caused the surface to break up so quickly and to such a large extent.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: "We are aware of significant works by utilities in the area, but we will need to investigate further."