campaigners in the East End of Glasgow have slammed a decision to keep open a notorious gang rat run - despite nearly 90% of locals wanting its closure.

The footpath linking Kilmany Gardens and Kilmany Drive in Shettleston is used by gangs of youths who cut between the housing estates causing havoc.

But, last week, Glasgow City Council said they currently had no legal powers to promote a closure order.

Resident John McLean said the council had "ignored" residents' concerns.

As reported in the Evening Times in May, fed-up locals had called for the lane to be closed after suffering years of anti-social behaviour.

They said they had suffered damage to their cars, had their bins set on fire, windows and close doors smashed and even air rifles fired at them.

Strathclyde Police and local MSP John Mason backed the closure and a public consultation with residents was carried out by the council. It closed on September 20.

In a letter seen by the Evening Times, the results of the consultation revealed 89% of respondents were in favour of the closure, citing anti-social behaviour as their principle concern.

Only 11% were against the proposed closure, stating that they used the lane as a convenient link to local amenities.

Mr McLean, 43, said: "The council have ignored us."

John Mason said the decision was a "slap in the face" for local residents.

He said: "Once again, we see Glasgow City Council ignoring the 89% of residents who responded and said they wanted the lane closed.

"The police want the lane closed, the residents want it closed but the council have not listened.

"The council say they 'have no powers to promote a closure order' but I simply don't accept that."