PROBLEM sleepers in Glasgow are being offered free advice in a bid to help them nod off.

Sleep counsellor Nikki Cameron will host a 'pop-up insomnia cafe' in Glasgow's South Side tomorrow to educate people on bedtime habits.

The specialist is setting up the clinic in Pollokshields from 6pm until midnight.

Nikki will serve "tasty sleep food" including a 'sleep well sandwich' – with peanut butter, Marmite and lettuce which have the sleep aid amino acid tryptophan – and sleep-inducing drinks.

Visitors will be given a goody bag with a relaxation CD and information leaflets.

Glasgow-based Nikki said: "Almost one in three Scots are affected by lack of a proper sleep so we are looking forward to welcoming those who have trouble in this area."

Nikki's advice includes: avoid caffeine drinks after 3pm, get 30 minutes of fresh air daily and avoid computers or TV an hour before bedtime.

The free Insomnia Cafe will open at Grianach, Nithsdale Road, Pollokshields, tomorrow from 6pm until midnight.

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