RIVERSIDE locations have been identified for a 'Pinewood on the Clyde' film studio, with the prospect of creating a multi-million industry.

Following the world famous 'Clyde-built' shipbuilding quality mark, filmmakers in the city want 'Clyde shot' to become the mark of a quality movie, building on the success of World War Z and Fast and Furious filming in city streets.

Last week the Evening Times reported how MSPs were backing moves to create a studio to allow post production work to be carried out in Glasgow.

SNP MSPs Bob Doris and John Mason said they wanted a permanent film base so the city could compete with Pinewood, the home of the blockbuster James Bond movies.

It would mean instead of filming in the city then heading back to Hollywood or to London for editing and indoor studio shots, production teams would be able to use Glasgow as a one stop location.

Studio facility Film City Glasgow, based in the old Govan Town Hall, said an expansion is needed and it has looked at three sites.

Pacific Quay is the favoured location, with land beside the Science Centre and a site adjacent to the BBC being considered, with a warehouse in Govan Road also thought suitable.

The film and creative industry in Glasgow has been growing but additional space is now needed if the city is to be more than a shooting location.

Tiernan Kelly, general manager at Film City Glasgow, said the city could reap great benefits.

He said: "In Belfast, at the Titanic site in the old shipyard, they have 110,000 sq ft of studio space.

"Northern Ireland Screen invested £6million to get HBO's Game of Thrones to the city and that has brought in £45m to the economy, that is what level of return we are looking at.

"If we had had this studio space we could have had the World War Z crew in Glasgow for three months instead of four weeks.

"The Scarlett Johansson film Under The Skin filmed in Glasgow and in Perthshire, but they had to go to London for studio effects. We want to do all that here in Glasgow."

Enquiries from production companies looking to film in Glasgow have increased by 20% in the last 12 months.

Last year was a record year for movie-related activity, with an estimated £20m generated for the city.

The city usually expects to benefit from around half of what is spent in Scotland by the film industry, and in the last 15 years has earned around £200m.

A spokesman for the Glasgow Film Office, which helps bring movie makers to the city, said: "We are aware of the proposal to create a film studio in Scotland.

"It is too early to say what the economic and other benefits would be, but we would be supportive of any ideas to further develop the film and broadcast industry."

The increased activity has seen Glasgow welcome A-list Hollywood stars Brad Pitt, Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson, bringing immediate economic benefits but also a tourism boost.

Mr Kelly said to capitalise on the success, investment is needed.

He added: "Film City Glasgow has been in Govan Town Hall since 2004.

"Since then we have been at full capacity. We have identified the need for more space, if so we could offer more workshop and studio facilities.

"We have put a proposal to Creative Scotland, so we can operate on an international basis.

"We want to take advantage of our presence here already and built on that.

"The final site has not been decided, but there are three sites in Pacific Quay, two are vacant and one is a warehouse space.

"We would have permanent tenants and a studio to be used by others coming to the city."

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