PROUD mum Gemma Clark cannot stop smiling after son Aaron took the top spot as the Evening Times Tot for 2012.

More than 32,000 votes were cast over five weeks to put 16-month-old Aaron Kawani at the top of the league in the competition.

Gemma, 24, who lives in Queen's Park, Glasgow, said: "I could not be happier.

"Aaron's dad and I were shopping with him in the St Enoch Centre and didn't even know anything about the competition. We saw children having their pictures taken for the competition and decided to give it a shot.

"Some of the other kids were so gorgeous we didn't enter thinking he would win."

The full-time mum said Aaron always likes to have his hair spiked when he goes out and is a calm baby who "never complains".

He is also just beginning to say words like 'mummy' and 'daddy' and taking his first steps.

She and Aaron's dad, Sam Kawani, 23, bought extra copies of the Evening Times when the competition – which was sponsored by the St Enoch centre – was running.

Gemma said: "We bought a lot of papers every week and will keep them and show them to him when he is older. My friends and family got their copies and are also ecstatic."

The family won £1000, some of which will go into a bank account for Aaron that his parents set up for him when he was born.

They also won a trip to London by rail and a stay for two nights in a top hotel, along with theatre tickets to see The Lion King.

And they will also receive the winner's trophy, a certificate and a framed winning photograph.

Gemma said: "Aaron loves all the Disney stuff and Mickey Mouse is his best friend.

"I can't wait to go to London. My brother stays in Ayles-bury, in Buckinghamshire, so we will get to see him. Sam and Aaron have not been there before.

"They have also not seen The Lion King so I think I will buy the DVD for them to watch before we get to see the show as well."