RANGERS fans all over the country are counting the cost of the ticket sale shambles which led to their team's SFL game away to Elgin City being called off by the police.

But they can't be as annoyed Daisuke Nakajima - who travelled from Japan for the game at the Borough Briggs park in the northern outpost.

It was not until he was on a train heading for the Highlands that he discovered he had come almost 6000 miles for nothing.

Daisuke works for a football magazine, Footballista. As he had spent four years in Glasgow covering Celtic games while Japanese superstar Shunsuke Nakamura played for the Hoops, his editor in Tokyo reckoned Daisuke was just the man to return to Scotland and file a report on life for newco Rangers in the Irn-Bru Third Division.

He said: "There are a lot of fans of Scottish football in Japan, and the story of Rangers is of great interest to them.

"I know Rangers still get big attendances at Ibrox, so we decided that, to experience the contrast of what they are experiencing, I should go to an away game.

"The match at Elgin looked particularly interesting and unusual, and I made arrangements to come over for it."

All appeared to be going to plan when Daisuke flew into Scotland on Friday and headed to Edinburgh to meet up with a friend.

Tired from his journey, and with his ticket booked for a train on Saturday morning – the game was originally scheduled for that day – he headed to bed, unaware the police had already blown the whistle on the match due to the overselling of tickets.

Daisuke said: "It was only when I opened my paper after we left Edinburgh station that I discovered the game was off.

"I immediately contacted my editor in Japan, and he told me to go to Elgin anyway.

"I think he considers the game being called off under these circumstances an even better story than the one I thought I was going to get!"