A SINKING road is causing misery for Glasgow motorists, who claim they have been waiting eight months for it to be repaired.

Part of the junction at Finlas Street and Finlas Place, in Cowlairs, was cordoned off after the road surface subsided.

The carriageway and pavement began to sink in March and council workers coned off the area, with concrete bollards and fencing, to prevent further damage and safeguard traffic.

But eight months after the traffic chaos began, no repairs have started.

It is understood the delay has been caused by an ongoing legal row.

And today the Evening Times can reveal a notice from Glasgow City Council states the junction is not expected to re-open until January next year – more than 10 months after the road was first closed.

Infuriated motorists feel the problem is being "ignored".

One road user, who did not wish to be named, said: "The road has been closed for months due to, what we have been told is a subsidence.

"That was back in March and since then there has been no sign of any work taking place and absolutely no attempts to re-open the road.

"It may not be a main road, but we still have to live here – the road should have been repaired by now.

"Finlas Street and connects Keppochhill Road and Hawthorn Street, and allows traffic to bypass busy Springburn Road.

"So it's important that it re-opens quickly as Springburn Road is becoming even more congested at busy times.

"We are all wondering if the road will ever open again."

Diversions are currently in place, with traffic being directed via Hawthorn Street, Atlas Road, Keppochill Road and Carlisle Street.

The Evening Times' Pothole Watch campaign has highlighted the decaying condition of many of the city's roads.

In recent weeks, we have reported several incidents of sinking city streets, which are causing chaos for drivers and pedestrians.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: "There is a significant problem with subsidence on private property adjacent to the road, which is also affecting the carriageway.

"Repairs cannot be carried out until this issue has been resolved by owners and their insurers."

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