THE site of a disused social club that was destroyed by fire should be incorporated into plans to revamp a community, it was claimed today.

St Brendan's Social Club, Linwood, was set alight by vandals on November 6.

But Linwood councillor Audrey Doig said the situation could be an opportunity to continue the town's progress towards regeneration.

She said: "The fire was frightening for residents in Stirling Drive, but in one way it presents an opportunity for the continued regeneration of Linwood.

"Constituents have said that if the site was cleared it would really brighten up that part of the area.

"I am calling on the council to liaise with traders at the area behind Linwood Parish Church to brighten it and make it attractive again.

"It is time for action on the top shops, which are the last retail area to require attention."

Ms Doig said the area at the so-called 'top shops' had suffered a lot of anti-social behaviour for years, especially at night.

She added: "It deters many people from shopping there or going there after a certain time of day.

"We need to tackle this kind of behaviour and have a zero tolerance towards vandalism and the gang culture blighting too many communities."

A Renfrewshire Council spokesman said: "The council is in the process of producing a local development plan that will encompass the whole of Renfrewshire, including this site in Linwood.

"The plan presents the council's views on how land is to be used and allocated and will guide planning decisions over the next five years.

"Linwood is receiving significant investment and will soon benefit from a new town centre, new town hall, new sports centre and improved health centre, along with a very significant investment by Sanctuary Housing.

"The 'top shops' area is known to the Renfrewshire Wardens Service. Anti-social behaviour in the area is targeted through a partnership approach with police.

"Wardens carry out regular foot patrols and mobile cameras are also deployed in the area.

"Street Stuff diversionary activities are also staged to give young people sports and leisure activities to enjoy."