GLASGOW and the West awoke to the first snowfall of winter today.

Commuters faced ice and snow on their way into the city with snow of up to two inches in parts of Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire,

Warnings for snow were issued in Glasgow, throughout today, but rain and warmer conditions tomorrow are expected to lead to quickly melting now, bringing a danger of flooding.

Thermometers in central Scotland fell as lower as -6˚C over the weekend and Glasgow was coated in a thick frost and icy conditions.

With snow and sleet mixed with low temperatures likely to cause icy conditions, transport bosses have urged people to take care on the roads.

Transport Scotland have met with police, forecasters and transport companies to prepare their response to the weather.

Stewart Leggett, Transport Scotland's network manager, said: "As this is expected to be the first widespread snow of the winter, our Multi Agency Response Team will be operational tomorrow morning to monitor how the transport network is coping.

"We would urge people to be extra careful."

Many areas in Scotland saw around 5cm of snow, but rain and sleet is expected to prevent it from lying.

There are some fears that low temperatures could turn it to ice.

Glasgow can expect temperatures to stick at around freezing point today, with sleet and rain expected to turn to rain in the afternoon.

Tomorrow, temperatures are expected to rise to around two or three degrees, but cold winds could make it feel below freezing.

Mist and fog is expected to cause poor visibility.

On Wednesday skies are expected to brighten, with temperatures dropping as low as -2˚C during the day, feeling like -6˚C in the morning.

Later in the week rain and snow could return again, with temperatures remaining low.

The snowfall and low temperatures may be causing problems for commuters but it is good news for Scotland's ski centres. Cairngorm and the Lecht, near Aberdeen, opened for business at the weekend reporting good snow cover.

Forecasters say a further 15cm could fall on higher ground in the next day creating good conditions for snowsports.