GLASGOW crime author RJ Mitchell will be meeting fans of his thriller series at a city book signing this weekend.

The author – better known to Evening Times readers as our own sports writer Bert Mitchell – has received rave reviews for his second novel, The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror.

It was launched five months ago and has been notching up impressive sales.

Bert is promising new readers to the series will be getting the ideal Glasgow-based thrill ride when they pick up a copy this Christmas.

The plot focuses on a terror attack on the heart of Glasgow, causing massive loss of life at a shopping mall.

The book sees DS Gus Thoroughgood, just out of a convalescent home, reunited with sidekick, DC Kenny Hardie, to use their street-smart knowhow to locate the terrorists.

The author knows what he is talking about, having worked on the frontline as a Glasgow police officer for many years.

Bert said: "Glasgow readers will be getting the best that action can deliver, in a setting they're going to recognise.

"It's based on extensive research into terrorism, I spent 18 months in total looking into it.

"I want to take people to parts of Glasgow that they maybe don't know exist."

Bert traces his interest in thriller-writing to the days when, as a policeman, he realised that he would like to try his hand at an action-driven crime book.

His debut, Parallel Lines, came out last year, and the action continues apace in the new one.

And of course, there's a third sequel already in the planning.

The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror, by RJ Mitchell, is published by Fledgling Press, priced at £9.99.

Bert will sign books and answer questions at Waterstones, Argyle Street, on Sunday at 2pm.