DRIVERS were being warned to take extra care on the roads as temperatures were expected plummeted to below freezing today.

Temperatures dropped overnight to below zero to leave a widespread frost, with Lanark and around Loch Lomond among the worst affected.

Forecasters are warning drivers to take care on roads as temperatures remain below freezing for the rest of the day.

Glasgow will have sunny spells in the morning, but forecasters also warn to take care in patches of mist and fog, which will hit in the afternoon

A spokesman from the Met Office said: "Tonight we'll have another frost, so temperatures will be down to around -3C.

"Some of the higher roads in the area which are untreated are expected to be quite icy.

"Drivers should take care on back roads which could also be extra icy."

Meanwhile, Scottish Water is advising the public to take precautions to make sure there is minimal disruption throughout the cold snap.

Simple measures such as heating, insulating and protecting water pipes, leaving heating on at a low setting and locating your home's stop valve make a big difference when low temperatures hit.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water's customer service delivery director, said: "Very often people think it won't happen to them, but there are few things more upsetting than coming home or into work to find everything ankle deep in freezing water because of a burst pipe."

The public are advised to have contact details for a licensed plumber and can contact the Scottish Water helpline number for advice on 0845601885.