FREEZING conditions are set to continue today, but weather forecasters say the worst of the current cold snap could be over for the week.

Temperatures have hit -4.5C in Glasgow over the last two nights, and are expected to remain below freezing throughout most of west central Scotland until tomorrow, with the chance of snow on high ground.

MetoGroup forecaster Tom Tobler, said: "It will continue to remain very cold through Wednesday and overnight into Thursday. There's a chance that higher areas around Glasgow will see snow.

"Temperatures are below average - we've seen -10C further north in Scotland recently."

But he added: "Tomorrow it should turn more unsettled with some rain and wind but it will be milder.

"Tomorrow it should be mostly dry and fairly cloudy in Glasgow and the weekend will be more unsettled."

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said last night that the city roads would be gritted at least twice overnight.

There remains the possibility of more cold weather across the UK next week, but the most wintry weather is expected to hit England.