GLASGOW'S longest pothole has been fixed...

just days after being named and shamed in the Evening Times.

In a victory for the city's motorists, a 30ft long pothole on the Clyde Arc, at the bottom of Finnieston Street, has finally been filled in.

Angry motorists had described the pothole as "like you're driving through a rutted field".

Yesterday morning workmen were spotted repairing the affected part of the road, which ran from where a bus lane ends and at a point where other traffic can merge into its two lanes.

Three Glasgow City Council trucks were parked nearby the Clyde Arc, nicknamed the Squinty Bridge due to its unusual structure.

And by yesterday afternoon the temporary road surface was in place.

Road bosses said recent freezing temperatures had caused surface damage to the bridge.

Current repairs are temporary with permanent repairs to be scheduled once temperatures rise.

We showed the state of the road last week as part of our Pothole Watch campaign, launched to expose the poor conditions of Glasgow's roads.

Thousands of readers have been in touch to flag up roads that are crumbling.

We have exposed the damage done to city centre streets by utility firms digging up roads and failing to repair them properly.

And the problem does not just affect motorists – we've told of difficulties faced by cyclists and even pedestrians hit by flying pieces of road surface.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "The council is spending an additional £8m on the city's roads during the current financial year."