A YEAR after being crowned Evening Times Top Tot, Riley Allan may have sparked a wave of namesakes.

Riley is the top name for boys in Glasgow for 2012 and has shot up the rankings to third in Scotland.

The youngster, from Garthamlock, won the Times contest and his moment of fame may have given other parents the idea for the name, , with 59 Rileys registered in Glasgow 2012.

Sophie and Jack are again the most popular names in Scotland for the fifth successive year.

Sophie has claimed top spot for eight years on the trot, while for Jack it is five in a row.

In Glasgow, however, they were bumped into second and fourth place respectively by Olivia, the top name for girls, and Riley, for boys. Olivia was the name given to 66 girls in the city.

The annual list also showed Muhammad was the third most popular boys' name in Glasgow, two behind the second spot, which went to Daniel with 52 babies.

Muhammad was less popular across the rest of Scotland, coming in at No 68 with 94 babies.

Others to feature in the Glasgow and Scottish top 10 were Ava, Emily, Lily and Jessica. For boys Lewis, James and Ethan were also top choices.

Across Scotland the biggest climbers were Tyler and Harris, both leaping 20 places. Amelia and Orla also made big jumps up 20 and 19 places .

Riley's popularity in Glasgow helped push it into the top 10 in Scotland, the only new entry for boys, up 11 places to third.

TV soap EastEnders may be inspiring new parents, with several of their male characters names moving up the list. Max, Tyler, Alfie, and Liam have moved into the top 20.

Names that went down in the rankings include Ryan, Cameron, Matthew, Aiden and Jayden.

Olivia was third in Scotland and Erin, Kayla, Abbie and Megan are among those less popular than last year.

The annual baby name list from the National Records of Scotland showed there were about 27,700 boys and 26,400 girls named in the first 11 months of 2012.

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