RANGERS should quit Scottish football if plans to restructure the leagues go ahead, says the club's chief executive Charles Green.

The Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League have agreed in principle to a plan that would see the organisations merge, turning the current four divisions of 12-10-10-10 teams into three with a 12-12-18 structure.

If the new format is approved for next season, Third Division leaders Rangers will remain in the bottom tier of Scottish football regardless of any title success.

Mr Green described the proposals as a "sorry state".

He said: "If that's what we have sat about in the last years to come up with, then it is a sorry state.

"A year ago we were being told, 'the fans want this, we're listening to the fans', and we were put into the Third Division, quite rightly. We accepted that.

"This year we don't listen to the fans, we just go off and come up with a plan. If this is going to transform Scottish football, my advice to the board is that the quicker we leave Scottish football, the better.

"I can't see anything that's going to transform the finances, the status or the excitement in what was prescribed."

The Scottish Premier League (SPL) needs an 11-1 majority among its clubs, but the idea has already been informally approved by all 12.

The Scottish Football League (SFL) needs 22 of its clubs to back the plans. Rangers, as an associate member of the SFL, will not have a vote.

Mr Green went on to say the remainder of Rangers' season will be meaningless if the proposals are accepted.

He said: "We have no vote in it, no say in it, which is par for the course with Rangers, so why should we finish the season?

"Why should we send people out to get broken noses, like Ross Perry last Saturday, when no one can get relegated or promoted? We might as well have a winter break now to next August."

However, the proposals have been backed by Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell. He said: "We, as a club, support it. It's not perfect but it's the best available. I don't think you throw out the best in pursuit of the perfect."

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