COMMERCIAL FEATURE: Robert Webb, of Peep Show and Mitchell and Webb fame, is currently starring in a new lead role as Maurice Wigglethorpe-Throom, CEO and Founder of Compare the Market (not, under any circumstances, to be confused with the website run by a group of small, pointed-faced, furry mammals).

In this exclusive advert outtake, eccentric Wigglethorpe-Throom attempts to compare finding energy suppliers on with eating mud pie. As in, you’ve got to wade through the dirt before you find a deal that suits you. Yes, nice analogy.

Webb’s recent television characters have included creepy lecturer Dan in hit British TV series Fresh Meat, a show that follows the lives of six fresher students in a fictional university in Manchester through all the drug-addled, angsty, emotional turbulence that coincides with young student life and living alone for the first time. He also appeared in an episode of baby-juggling comedy Threesome and cult sci-fi favourite Doctor Who. But it is, arguably, for his role as perpetual child-at-heart and thorn-in-Mark’s-side Jeremy in Peep Show that Webb is most recognised for.  

Webb will embrace the nutty character of Wigglethorpe-Throom for a series of funny adverts for Compare the Market before reuniting with partner-in-crime David Mitchell for a new political satire, Our Men, due on our televisions in the early spring.