A councillor who claims Glasgow's pothole-riddled roads have cost him £1000 in car repairs is to sue the council.

Billy McAllister has promised to go to court after the council refused FOUR TIMES to compensate him for the damage.

Mr McAllister, who is deputy leader of the council's SNP group, said: "The hard-working people of this city don't have a spare penny and it is outrageous and unfair that they should be left to pick up the bill for damage caused by potholes.

"I am going to the small claims court over this issue. I have submitted four claims for damages caused by potholes and they have all been denied.

"The council has to start taking responsibility for the city's roads and making them safe."

Mr McAllister was first landed with a bill for a damaged oil sump after hitting a crater in St Mungo Avenue, Townhead, in October 2011.

He then had to pay to fix a burst tyre after he hit a hole in Strathmore Road, near Balmore Industrial Estate, Maryhill, last February.

Since then he has submitted three "public liability claims" after hitting potholes in South Street, Scotstoun, and Broomfield Road, Springburn last summer.

He also said he burst his tyre on a massive hole in South Street on Thursday night.

Mr McAllister, councillor for Canal Ward, added: "Glasgow City Council has a mentality of denying all responsibility. Nine out of 10 people will accept that response and not challenge it – and it is saving the council a fortune."

A council spokesman said suggestions the local authority would automatically reject all compensation claims in the first instance was "absolutely untrue".

He added: "If Councillor McAllister feels the need to pursue legal action then it would be unwise for the council to comment ahead of any legal action.

"Roads authorities are not automatically liable if a vehicle is damaged in an incident involving a pothole. All claims are considered on their individual merits."

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