AFTER running out of time the Clyde Clock is finally up to speed.

As reported in the Evening Times, the Running Clock, which stands outside Buchanan Bus Station, has given the wrong time for years.

But following a campaign by Glasgow MSP Drew Smith, Glasgow City Council promised the timepiece would be repaired and be back to full working order.

Workers were seen fixing the clock on Monday and it is now back to showing the correct time on its four faces.

Mr Smith said: "I'm really pleased to see the clock up and running again.

"The Clyde Clock is still a relatively new landmark but it has become much loved as a meeting point for Glaswegians and visitors arriving at Buchanan Bus Station alike.

"I'm just delighted that this iconic Glasgow time-piece is running again.

"I'm pleased to have been able to help to get it restored and I'm grateful to the City Council for acting so quickly and for getting the work done during the George Wyllie exhibition which is now in its final days.

"I'll be keeping an eye on the clock to ensure it keeps time from now on."

The distinct clock was designed by Shettleston-born artist George Wyllie, who died last May, at the age of 90.

He was responsible for playful works such as the giant Safety Pin at the former maternity hospital at Rottenrow and the Straw Locomotive, which was suspended from the Finnieston crane.

The Clyde Clock was erected in 2000 in Killermont Street and was adopted by Glasgow City Council for maintenance more than a year ago, but had already stopped working by then.

The power supply had been disconnected, and was only partly functional after it was reconnected. Since then attempts have been continuing to find contractors who are able to repair the clock.

Designed as a meeting point for travellers, it is meant to chime only once a day, at 8pm, which is said to be the perfect meeting time.

A retrospective of George Wyllie's work at the Mitchell Library will end this Saturday.