THE family of an elderly woman who went missing more than two years ago today made a heartfelt plea for help in finding her.

Pensioner Raj Kaur, 86, was last seen in October 2010, when she left her home in Pollok, for Glasgow's Sikh temple in Berkeley Street.

For two years her son, Paramjeet Singh searched the country for his elderly mother, before finally reporting her missing to police in December 2012.

As reported in your Evening Times last month, officers have been searching for her since she went missing, but so far there has been no sign of Mrs Kaur.

Her family is desperate for answers.

Son Paramjeet, 65, who was originally from Afghanistan, said he has no idea whether his mother is alive or dead and, "needs closure".

He said: "I have searched everywhere, I've even been to London three times, but there has been nothing.

"No-one has seen her, no-one has heard from her - we have no idea where she is.

"The more time that passes, the more difficult it is for us.

"I hope that she will get in touch and let us know she is safe."

Although Paramjeet and his partner Kartar, 54, have not given up hope, they admit it is hard not to fear the worst.

Paramjeet said: "I'm always thinking about her and worrying about her.

"I wonder where she is, if she is safe, if she is eating, if she is all alone."

Five years ago, Paramjeet and his mother came to Glasgow from Afghanistan, seeking asylum.

The family said because of their asylum seeker status they waited two years to report Mrs Kaur missing to police.

Paramjeet continued: "I have been searching everywhere for her.

We left Afghanistan because it was so awful there, we just couldn't stay.

"We wanted to start a new life here in Glasgow, where it is safer.

"But now my mother is missing."

Mrs Kaur is 5ft 5in tall, slim, with brown eyes and grey hair.

When last seen, she was wearing long white clothing and a white veil. Mrs does not speak English.

Daughter Parvinder, 24 and her 21-year-old son Amarjet have also helped search for her.

Parvinder said: "We have searched anywhere we can think she might have been - she is just so missed at home.

"There are posters up around the city and we just hope someone will have some information that will help us find her."

Inspector Paul Quinn, from Pollok Police Office, said: "It is unusual for Mrs Kaur to venture out on her own and certainly for her not to be in contact with her family.

Anyone with information should call 0141 532 5600.