THE battle to tackle Glasgow's pothole crisis will get a boost from the city's vow to spend £36million in the next two years repairing crumbling roads - but the public response to our pothole watch campaign shows it is going to be a difficult fight.

Just hours after the council's budget was passed with the extra cash approved, we took to the streets again to check out massive potholes that are continuing to dent wheels, burst tyres and send cars to the garage.

And the first one we found was - outside the City Chambers.

While councillors were inside debating the £2.3billion budget for the city, we were looking at the road outside – and found a huge pothole and gravel scattered across the road, presenting a major skidding hazard.

Then we went to the South Side and on Barrhead Road, near Nitshill Road, Pollok, we found a massive crater. We could only watch as most cars thundered through it, with some swerving to the wrong side of the road to avoid it.