RANGERS have made a stinging attack in response to claims it faces a winding-up order over a disputed £400,000 bill.

It took aim after media reports that the Ibrox club was in dispute with a firm called Orlit, which is run by the Singapore-based businessman Chan Fook Meng, former business associate of Rangers' chief executive Charles Green.

The claim is understood to have arisen from a failure to pay two of four invoices issued by Orlit Enterprises.

But, in a statement, Rangers said: "Once again, Rangers are the subject of media reports and speculation which are, at best, misleading and, at worst, malicious.

"In an ideal world there would be no need for this club to respond. However, we have a duty to our supporters to put the record straight."

The dispute over the bill is believed to have arisen from the Singapore company's involvement in introducing investors to provide capital to buy Rangers from the administrators and secure the June 2012 payroll.

Orlit Enterprises was said to have taken the action because there was no satisfactory answer to the non-payment. It was reported to be seeking the winding-up of The Rangers Football Club Limited (RFCL), formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd, the company vehicle used to buy the Ibrox club's assets while in administration.

In response, Rangers said: "It should be stressed we have never said there is no bill to be met. What we have said is that not all of the invoices submitted with regard to this bill are legitimate.

"Clearly there has been a lack of understanding within the media about this when all we have done is refuse to be forced into paying sums we do not owe. It is as simple as that.

"Who on earth would pay out when faced with a spurious request for money?"

"Rangers have agreed a figure to settle this issue and it is a figure which, as we have already tried to explain, is significantly less than the initial demand."

In a message to fans, the club statement adds: "Rangers will not be closed. This club will never run up crippling debts and we will not pay over-inflated salaries to players.

"Rangers are no longer soft touches. We will not bow to or run from bullies and we will not be pressured into handing out even £1 if it is not merited."

Orlit have made no comment.

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