A GLASGOW MP is calling on the UK and Scottish Government to take action on the issue of food poverty.

Margaret Curran, MP for Glasgow East, highlighted the problem of rising food prices while campaigning at Parkhead Cross.

She was joined by Councillor Frank McAveety to demand the Government make a more detailed analysis of the hardships facing those who are forced to use food banks.

The Evening Times reported last week that plans were under way to open a food bank in Pollok, in south west Glasgow, to meet the increasing demand for the service.

Food banks already operate in Govanhill, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde.

Ms Curran said: "In the past year thousands of people across Scotland have had to turn to food banks because they simply didn't have enough money to make ends meet.

"The Government must take food poverty seriously before this situation gets worse.

"A significant number are hard working families whose wages can't last them for the whole month.

"As food and energy prices carry on going up, this is a problem that is going to get worse.

"Scots are trapped between two Governments who have their priorities all wrong.

"A UK Government who cut hard, but aren't even bothering to count the number of people using food banks, and a Scottish Government that has sat on their hands when it comes to poverty."

Figures from the Trussell Trust, one of the UK's largest food bank providers, show that since April last year, almost 7000 people, including around 1900 children, have received emergency food parcels.

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