A POWER cut caused chaos for shops, residents and commuters in Glasgow.

Around 30 homes and businesses in Partick were affected by the outage, which was caused by several fuses being blown in ScottishPower's substation in Vine Street.

The blackout, which happened shortly after 10am yesterday, forced the closure of Partick Subway station.

It meant passengers could not get on or off at the station as trains had to pass through without stopping.

Following safety checks the station reopened at around 2pm.

The power cut also caused disruption to people living and working in the Dumbarton Road and Merkland Street areas.

Morrisons, in Merkland Court, near the Partick Interchange, was one of the firms affected by the cut.

A spokesman from the supermarket chain said: "The power was off for four hours.

"The back up generator provided power so we were able to stay open and serve customers as normal and no food went to waste."

Local resident Jill Ferguson, 37, who is a member of Partick Community Council, said: "It was quite serious in the West End because the Subway station was affected.

"Loads of people got in touch with me to say they had lost power.

"We thought that Morrisons was going to have to shut if their back up didn't work.

"Partick is a major hub for people, so it caused a lot of disruption."

A spokeswoman from ScottishPower said engineers thought they had repaired the problem at midday, but it did not get fixed until 2pm.

She said: "We were alerted to the fault after we received a call from a customer after 10am, and we received 21 calls in total.

"Fuses had blown in the substation in Vine Street.

"Engineers worked to repair the fault.

"We apologise for the inconvenience."

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