THIS is the latest vision of George Square from the architect who won the controversial design competition for the area.

On Monday, Glasgow-born John McAslan will present his new designs to a public meeting in the Merchant City.

And he will ask what changes they would like to see in the historic heart of Glasgow.

Mr McAslan insists he has not come up with a definitive new design – only a sketch aimed at encouraging discussion.

He said: "The aim of Monday's meeting is to have an open discussion about George Square with whoever is in attendance.

"The key points will be what to do with the space, with the finish with the Tarmac and the planting."

The London-based architect's design for the square was chosen by a panel of judges after an international competition.

But within minutes of the winner being announced, council leader Gordon Matheson said the square revamp plan had been scrapped.

He insisted the public did not want radical changes and instead only a minor upgrade would be carried out.

However, Mr McAslan has said he will not walk away from the chance to improve the area, which is now badly rundown.

And he is determined to find out what the public think.

Mr McAslan said: "At the meeting on Monday we will open up a discussion and see if we can progress to a point where there is a consensus about key points and finishes and which of the statues they are keen to retain.

"If we can come up with a positive outcome, we can present to the city council what people feel strongly about in George Square.

"People should come along on Monday because they will get a free breakfast and we have a model, refreshed sketches and a film to show the character of the square.

"It will then be opened up to discussion to find out what people think are the most important things about George Square and how that should be reflected in any proposal.

"Monday's meeting is an open, public forum where we can listen to people's views and share with them our thoughts for George Square, which we hope capture the civic importance of the square and people's aspirations for its refurbishment, essentially honouring the past and celebrating the future."

Monday's meeting will be held upstairs in Cafe Gandolfi in Albion Street from 8am.