ACTOR Marty Docherty took to the red carpet in Glasgow last night for the first UK screening of Cloud Atlas and declared "it's good to be home".

The Glasgow-born talent, who plays Tom Hanks' brother in the big-budget move – which also stars Halle Berry, Hugh Grant and Susan Sarandon – said the city screening was just as special as the glittering LA premier.

Cloud Atlas, which is based on the best selling book by David Mitchell, was shown to a star-studded audience at the Glasgow Film Theatre in Rose Street.

Marty, 38, from Castlemilk, said: "I was at the LA premier and watched the film on the screen at Grauman's Chinese Theatre and it was incredible.

"But it is always good to come home. And to be here at the GFT now is extraordinary."

Marty feared he would miss the LA premier in October last year because he could not fund the trip to the US.

But after Lord Provost Sadie Docherty highlighted his plight, he eventually managed to gather enough money for the trip.

Scenes from Cloud Atlas were shot in Glasgow, which served as the backdrop for 1970s San Francisco.

Speaking from the red carpet last night, actor James D'Arcy said: "Everyone was up for it. We shut down a large part of the city for filming but everyone was so welcoming."