RESURFACING work in the city centre blanked out yellow lines leading to traffic chaos as motorists parked on both sides of a busy road.

At one point over the weekend a section of Renfrew Street was reduced to two lanes as cars lined both sides, obstructing buses, cars and pedestrians.

Ashleigh Toner, 24, a dental nurse living in Glasgow, said: "I got into a bit of bother as I was driving along Renfrew Street. As I went into one lane, I didn't realise there were cars parked all the way up there.

"I was stuck until somebody let me out.

"You can park here and they can't do anything because there are no markings."

Christopher Aitchison, 28, unemployed from Possilpark, said: "You can see it when this backs up, people don't know what lane they are in.

"I'm glad they have resurfaced the road, they are terrible here, but they need the markings down."

Graham Middlemist, 58, financial services consultant visiting Glasgow, said: " It's the responsibility of the council to have road markings.

"If you have a city that's keen to promote tourism, you'll have people coming who are not from here and they will just assume they can park there because there are no markings."

Annette Mackie, 46, a bank employee from Kirkintilloch, said: "If cars are parked on both sides of the road, it's going to be difficult for buses and lorries to go both ways.

"If the cars are coming past the green man line as well, people can't get by, which creates a problem.

"I don't drive, but if you are a competent driver you should maybe know you shouldn't be parking there.

"I think it's good that they have improved the roads though.

"Even for pedestrians crossing over, if they go across the road and hit one of the pot holes or uneven surfaces you can go over on your ankle, so it's good that they have improved the road but they do need the markings back."

Karen Hepburn, 48, a chef from Partick, said: "There definitely should be road markings here, it's not motorists' fault if they park here, because they can't really do anything about it without the markings.

"They've been doing this for a few weeks now and I think it's important that they have repaved the roads but it's dangerous without the markings to see where the lanes are, and for pedestrians as well."

McGill's bus staff speaking to the Evening Times said it has been challenging without the markings, and said the parked cars often obstruct their stand, making it impossible for them to stop.

A spokesman from the council said: "The job ran over because of Scottish Water works on West Nile Street, and inclement weather.

"Road markings will be completed this week, weather permitting."