FIRST customers were quick to give their reaction to service changes:

Hazelkaye, Strathclyde:

First 'services' to/from Cumbernauld look likely to be decimated.

At least the local railway is now being brought 'up to date' (of sorts) and belatedly electrified – albeit with a retrograde reversal at Springburn to access Queen St Low Level!

Pity that local buses to/from Cumbernauld station – particularly from Abronhill – are so few and far between as to be virtually non-existent!

Christopher Kernachan, Drumoyne:

This is yet First Glasgow changing services for the worst I think.

This area is full of OAPs that rely on the bus and now it's disappearing, they'll be left to carry their shopping up the steep hill the bus used to service.


Martin Grant:

Yet again bus travellers are ignored for the good of profit.

It may be SimpliCITY for First but it fails to state on its timetable when evening will begin.

Thirty minutes between services to East Kilbride at night is a poor service indeed.



I come up to Glasgow to visit family, and I notice buses passing by quite frequently at peak times that are practically empty running through the town centre.

The 44 bus is a case in point. I think the frequency on some routes should be vastly improved (No11 service, for example) to provide something better than a half-hourly service.


Craig Donaldson, Glasgow:

No talk of a price increase but we know it's coming.


Garry Fraser, Glasgow:

Improved services.... for who? Having checked the new timetables look like less buses, longer waits, less coverage.

First Glasgow does not cater for the public of Glasgow, but for share-holders. It is all down to profit and how much can they make whilst providing the minimum service.

Stewart Douglas, Bearsden:

"SimpliCITY?" – sorry First, but having had a look at the proposed timetables I can only label this exercise as "service cuts", no matter how you try to dress it up.


Douglas Malone, Glasgow:

I live in Pollok and with the removal of the 53 this means we will need to get two buses to travel to Braehead etc.

This is just a money-making ruse by First.


Patricia Webster, Glasgow:

Looks like the only ones winning out are the people living on main bus routes into the city, such as Great Western Road, and Maryhill Road for example.

Everyone else loses out with a worse service. And why change two different bus numbers into an entirely different one when it is going to two separate destinations. Don't think I would call it SimpliCITY, more like confusion.