PARTS of the River Clyde could be sealed off during Glasgow 2014 to help prevent terror attacks.

Glasgow City Council's depute leader Archie Graham said he could not rule out the possibility of closing the river to non-essential vessels for the duration of the Commonwealth Games.

Senior police are currently in talks with Glasgow City Council over security arrangements for the mammoth sporting event.

Among the venues close to the river are the £125million Hydro Arena, which will host the gymnastics events, and the Athletes Village at Dalmarnock.

The prospect of closing the river was discussed at a meeting of the council's executive committee to discuss 2014 progress.

Nina Baker, councillor for the City Centre ward and who sits on the river Clyde Users Group on behalf of the Sea Cadets, said: "There have been discussions as to the security requirements, particularly on the upper Clyde.

"The police have been saying for some while that they anticipate having to shut the upper Clyde because of the proximity to the athletes' village.

"I took on board that these things are still under discussion and I want to make sure things do get discussed with river users and don't just happen."

A spokesperson for the 2014 Games said they were aware of discussions between police and the council.

Councillor Graham, executive member for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, said: "I can't answer the question of the river being shut.

"In terms of security, the experience of the Olympic Games in London last year has led to the people who were responsible for security having a closer look at perhaps informing the security of the 2014 games.

"There is a bit of discussion to be had.

"This is the Commonwealth Games, not the Olympics and perhaps the risk won't be so high. I can't give a straight answer on it at this stage."

However, Councillor Baker said members of the Clyde Users Group – which includes local rowing clubs and the Sea Cadets – would object to any move and are demanding to be involved in security discussions.

A police spokesman said: "Police attend the River Users Group and will ensure that if any measures to restrict river access are planned then the community will be consulted and informed."

A Clydeport spokesman said: "A security group has been formed for the Games, and the Clyde Harbourmaster is invited to be a part of that. We can't comment on detail at this time."