A TECH-SAVY dad has devised a new scheme to help his neighbourhood beat the burglars.

After a spate of suspicious sightings in his estate in the south of Glasgow full-time dad Geoff Metcalfe put his years in the IT industry to good use and devised a prowler alert service.

It followed a number of cases of would-be-thieves seen trying to open house and car doors in the early hours.

So Geoff, of South Nitshill, created the Neighbourhood Text Relay. Nearly 50 people have already signed up to the scheme which allows them to instantly share information about suspicious activity.

Geoff, 40, said: "A few months ago my neighbour was up during the night when she saw someone in her garden who then attempted to open her door. Her husband ran outside but the man made off.

"I didn't hear about this until days later and that made me realise that there was a need for a way to share this information instantly.

The dad – who lives with wife Laura and three young children, Jude, five, Cassia, four and two-year-old Louis – piloted the system which is now ready.

The scheme costs £1.50 per month. Users send a text to a central number reporting suspicious behaviour. This is then circulated to everyone else who has signed up.

Area police commander Chief Inspector Graham McInarlin said: "Strathclyde Police will offer support to anyone who comes up with ideas."

For more info visit www.theNTR.co.uk